Claverley CE (Aided) Primary School

Claverley PTA is a thriving association which raises welcome funds and brings awareness to the student needs of the school. With cross teacher/parent cooperation, we are making great strides in keeping Claverley School a fantastic place for children to learn and have fun.

This year we are lucky to have a strong and willing group of volunteers, who are constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to raise money. Additional help is always welcome. 🙂

The PTA run a Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Shop- children can buy a small gift for someone special.

All parents and staff are automatically members of the PTA.  The committee is elected in July and their term lasts for a 2 year period.

Dads we need you too!!!!

Feel free to come along to our PTA meetings, (which are relaxed and refreshments are provided, yum!).  We welcome new and fresh ideas from parents/carers and staff.

Here is some of the great work done by the PTA this year…


And there’s more…… As well as the annual Christmas shop and summer fair, there are plans for even more exciting PTA events in the coming year.

….Where your money goes:2
A successful Claverley PTA means happy kids. Some of the teaching tools and events funded directly by the PTA last year include a trip to the theatre for both KS1 and KS2, a Year 6 leavers day out and five new laptops. We are also very excited by the refurbishment to our library area which will be funded by money raised by the PTA.

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