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Our Christian Value for this half-term is perseverance.

God wants his people to persevere no matter what happens, so we  learn how to overcome obstacles and difficulties.

We need to try not to give up, to “Try, try and try again” and stick to tasks until we are successful. Edison failed 10000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.






Last half term, our value was wisdom.

At Claverley Church of England Primary School, we believe it is important to develop core values by which to live and which help to develop a moral and spiritual awareness. Christian values form the core of the school’s ethos and are evident in all that children, staff and governors seek to achieve. We seek to explore the meanings of the core values and their significance through weekly acts of worship delivered by the Head, the Vicar and teaching staff. The gifts of truthfulness, friendship, trust, peace, courage perseverance, compassion, service, humility, respect and reverence, thankfulness, responsibility, wisdom, hope, creativity, forgiveness, generosity and justice are the values we want our children to leave with. Whilst these gifts are inclusive of human values, we try to anchor them into the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories and readings.

Children, staff, parents and governors have chosen six core values to focus upon at our school: Friendship, Compassion, Truthfulness, Responsibility, Trust and Forgiveness.

Our Christian Values for this year (2016-17) are:

Respect and Reverence







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